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Agyrtidae Thomson 1859

Primitive carrion beetles

Zeanecrophilus thayerae habitusNecrophilus larva
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This tree diagram shows the relationships between several groups of organisms.

The root of the current tree connects the organisms featured in this tree to their containing group and the rest of the Tree of Life. The basal branching point in the tree represents the ancestor of the other groups in the tree. This ancestor diversified over time into several descendent subgroups, which are represented as internal nodes and terminal taxa to the right.

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You can click on the root to travel down the Tree of Life all the way to the root of all Life, and you can click on the names of descendent subgroups to travel up the Tree of Life all the way to individual species.

For more information on ToL tree formatting, please see Interpreting the Tree or Classification. To learn more about phylogenetic trees, please visit our Phylogenetic Biology pages.

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Tree after Newton 1997, 2005.
Containing group: Staphylinoidea


The small family Agyrtidae is temperate in distribution, extending into mountainous areas of Mexico and Asia. Seven of the eight genera are restricted to the northern hemisphere, and the eighth is endemic to New Zealand. Although Agyrtidae was first recognized as a separate family by Thomson (1859), most authors placed its current members in a broadly defined Silphidae until Lawrence and Newton (1982) resurrected it as a family closely related to Leiodidae rather than Silphidae. Newton (1991) reviewed the scanty knowledge of agyrtid larvae and later (1997) presented the present classification into three subfamilies along with a review of the morphology, relationships, biology, and distribution of the group.


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Title Illustrations
Scientific Name Zeanecrophilus thayerae Newton
Location New Zealand: AK, Waitakere Ra., site 681
Comments ex carrion trap (squid)
Specimen Condition Dead Specimen
Identified By A. F. Newton
Life Cycle Stage adult
Body Part whole body
View dorsal
Size 10 mm
Collection Field Museum of Natural History
Type Paratype
Collector A. Newton/M. Thayer
Copyright © 2005
Scientific Name Necrophilus hydrophiloides Mannerheim
Location USA: California
Reference Published in Newton 1991 and Newton 2005
Creator S. Poulakis
Acknowledgements Done for Alfred F. Newton
Specimen Condition Dead Specimen
Identified By A. F. Newton
Life Cycle Stage larva (mature)
View lateral
Copyright © 1975 Susan Poulakis
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