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Baronia brevicornis

Robert D. Reed and Felix A. H. Sperling
Baronia brevicornis
Containing group: Papilionidae


The swallowtail subfamily Baroniinae contains a single species: Baronia brevicornis. This species is believed to be the most "primitive" of the living swallowtails, a hypothesis which is supported by morphological and molecular data (Miller 1987, Caterino et al. 2001).

Baronia brevicornis is a threatened butterfly that has a very small home range in Mexico.


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Baronia brevicornis (Baroniini) [Copyright © 2000 M.S. Caterino]

Scientific Name Baronia brevicornis
Comments Baroniini
Specimen Condition Dead Specimen
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Baronia brevicornis

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