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Discoteuthis sp. B

Richard E. Young and Michael Vecchione
Containing group: Discoteuthis


A single badly damaged immature male squid (NMNH no. 815487) taken in the Atlantic Ocean at 08°11'S, 14°12'W appears similar to D. laciniosa judging from the funnel locking apparatus. Most characteristics that would confirm the identification have been lost. However a portion of one tentacular club remains and the large suckers have an unusual dentition.


A Discoteuthis ...


  1. Tentacles
    1. Largest suckers of manus with numerous (ca. 40), pointed teeth around entire margin of inner ring.
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      Figure. Oral view of the club manus of Discoteuthis sp. B showing the largest suckers of the club. Note that one large sucker is missing. Photograph by R. Young.

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      Figure. Oral view of a portion of the sucker ring of a large manus sucker of Discoteuthis sp. B. Photograph by R. Young.


The strikingly different dentition of the manus suckers could indicate that (1) this is a different species from those previously described, (2) males of D. laciniosa have a different dentition than females, or (3) there is more intraspecific variation in sucker dentition of D. laciniosa than previously thought. We have made no attempt to described more details of the badly damaged specimen. Our objective is simply to point out an inconsistency in our understanding of Discoteuthis.

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Discoteuthis sp. B

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