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Heterololigo Natsukari, 1984

Heterololigo bleekeri (Keferstein, 1866)

Michael Vecchione
A single species is present in Heterololigo.

Type species. -- Loligo bleekeri Keferstein, 1866 by original designation.

Containing group: Loliginidae


H. bleekeri is one of the more common loliginids in Japan.


A loliginid ...


  1. Arms
    1. Arms very short.
    2. Arm suckers with blunt teeth around distal ring.
    3. Hectocotylus:
      1. Proximal suckers unmodified.
      2. Ventral crest absent.
      3. Distal suckers of reduced size and sucker stalks elongated to form papillae in dorsal series.
      4. Dorsal series of papillae and trabeculae at distal tip form bicuspid lamelliform flaps separated from ventral series of suckers by serrated membrane.
     image info

    Figure. Oral view of the hectocotylus of H. bleekeri, ca. 300 mm ML, Sagami Bay. Drawing from Sasaki (1929).

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    Figure. Oral view of the tip of the hectocotylus of H. bleekeri. Enlargement from drawing above.

  2. Tentacles
    1. Tentacular clubs narrow
    2. Club suckers small, nearly uniform in size, in four series.
    3.  image info

      Figure. Oral view of tentacular club of H. bleekeri, ca 300 mm ML, mature male, Sagami Bay. Drawing from Sasaki (1929).

  3. Fins
    1. Fins extend to posterior tip of mantle.

  4. Photophores
    1. Photophores absent.

  5. Viscera
    1. Eggs less than 4 mm.
    2. Spermatophore cement body short


Off Japan, excluding northern half of Hokkaido; off southern Korea.


Vecchione, M., E. Shea, S. Bussarawit, F. Anderson, D. Alexeyev, C.-C. Lu, T. Okutani, M. Roeleveld, C. Chotiyaputta, C. Roper, E. Jorgensen and N. Sukramongkol. 2005. Systematics of Indo-West Pacific loliginids. Phuket Mar. Biol. Cent. Res. Bull. 66: 23-26.

Title Illustrations
Scientific Name Heterololigo bleekeri
Location Sagami Bay, Japan
Reference Sasaki, M. 1929. A Monograph of the Dibranchiate Cephalopods of the Japanese and Adjacent Waters. Journal of the College of Agriculture, Hokkaido Imperial University, 20(supplement):357 pages.
Sex Male
Life Cycle Stage Mature
View Ventral
Size ca. 30 cm
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Heterololigo bleekeri

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