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Water scavenger beetles

Michael S. Caterino
Containing group: Hydrophiloidea


The Hydrophilidae are a primarily aquatic group of beetles, probably the largest such group in the Coleoptera. Most species are predacious as larvae and generally saprophagous as adults (Hansen, 1997). In addition to the primitively aquatic forms, one large lineage (Sphaeridiinae) has become secondarily terrestrial.

Discussion of Phylogenetic Relationships

The monophyly of the group is unquestioned, and is supported by numerous synapomorphies, morphological and behavioral. However, although relationships among the subfamilies have received much recent attention (Hansen, 1991; Beutel, 1994; Hansen, 1995; Archangelsky, 1998; Beutel, 1999), there has been little agreement; a consensus of available cladograms would produce an entirely unresolved topology.


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A Bibliographic Compilation on the Immature Stages of Hydrophiloidea
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