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Liguriella Issel, 1908

Liguriella podophtalma Issel, 1908

Richard E. Young and Katharina M. Mangold (1922-2003)
Liguriella podophtalma subadult female

Liguriella contains one recognized species. Voss, et al. (1992), however, suggest that two or more species exist.

Containing group: Taoniinae


These are moderate sized squid, reaching at least 243 mm ML (Voss, et al. 1992). Little is known about their biology.


A taoniin ...


  1. Tentacles
    1. Tentacular club with suckers only.
    2. Carpal cluster absent.
    3. Two series of suckers and knobs on tentacular stalk.

  2. Funnel
    1. Funnel valve absent
    2. Funnel organ: Dorsal pad with three papillae.

  3. Mantle
    1. Tubercles present at funnel-mantle fusion.
      Ventral view of funnel-mantle fusionimage info

      Figure. Ventral view of funnel-mantle fusion, L. podophtalma, subadult female, 243 mm ML. Drawing from Voss (1980, p. 389, Fig. 7d).

  4. Fins
    1. Posterior insertion of fins at distal end of gladius.
    2. All but anterior margin of fins insert on vanes of gladius.

  5. Photophores
    1. Two contiguous photophores (one large, one small) on each eye.*
    2. Arm tip photophores absent.
      ventral view of ocular photoporesimage info

      Figure. Ventral view of ocular photophores, L. podophtalma, subadult female, 243 mm ML. Drawing from Voss (1980, p. 389, Fig. 7e).

*Unusual within family; shared with Sandalops.


Characteristics are from Voss (1980).

Life History

Voss, et al. (1992) illustrated a paralarva and a juvenile but state that only subadults and adults can be confidently identified. Note the elongate "club" of the paralarva.

Dorsal view of paralarvaimage info
Ventral view of a juvenile of Liguriella podopthalmaimage info

Figure. Top - Dorsal view of paralarva of L. podopthalma, 12 mm ML. Bottom - Ventral view of a juvenile of L. podopthalma, 68 mm ML. Drawings from Voss (1980, p. 389, Fig. 7c, b).


The genus occurs circumglobally in tropical and subtropical oceans (Voss, et al. 1992).


Voss, N. A. 1980. A generic revision of the Cranchiidae (Cephalopoda; Oegopsida). Bull. Mar. Sci., 30: 365-412.

Voss N. A., S. J. Stephen and Zh. Dong 1992. Family Cranchiidae Prosch, 1849. Smithson. Contr. Zool., 513: 187-210.

Title Illustrations
Scientific Name Liguriella podophtalma
Reference Voss, N. A. 1980. A generic revision of the Cranchiidae (Cephalopoda; Oegopsida). Bull. Mar. Sci., 30: 365-412
Sex Female
Life Cycle Stage subadult
Size 243 mm ML
Copyright © 1980 Bulletin of Marine Science
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Liguriella podophtalma

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