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Note: this taxon list is still under construction. It does not yet contain all known Mycalesina subgroups.

Containing group: Satyrini

Discussion of Phylogenetic Relationships

Torres et al. (2001) published a molecular phylogenetic hypothesis for a number of Madagascan taxa, based on short regions of COII and cytB. However, their cladogram suggested the reciprocal paraphyly of Henotesia and Bicyclus, as well as the embedding of Mycalesis francisca well within Henotesia. Due to its drastic implications for the current understanding of mycalesine taxonomy, this topology is not presented, pending the accumulation of additional evidence.


Ackery PR, Smith CR, and Vane-Wright RI eds. 1995. Carcasson's African butterflies. Canberra: CSIRO.

Torres E, Lees DC, Vane-Wright RI, Kremen C, Leonard JA, and Wayne RK. 2001. Examining monophyly in a large radiation of Madagascan butterflies (Lepidoptera: Satyrinae: Mycalesina) based on mitochondrial DNA data. Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 20: 460-473.

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