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Nectoteuthis Verrill, 1883

Nectoteuthis pourtalesi Verrill, 1883

Michael Vecchione and Richard E. Young
Containing group: Heteroteuthinae



A heteroteuthin ...


  1. Arms
    1. Distal suckers on arms with long, thick stalks.
    2. Web between dorsal arms extensive.

    3. Figure. Various views of arms and suckers of N. pourtalesi, holotype. Note the extensive web between arms I. Top left - Dorsal view of arm crown. Top right - Dorsolateral view of arm crown. Note that arm I suckers are elongate. Bottom - Dorsolateral view of arm II suckers. Photographs by R. Young.

    4. Or distal suckers absent, replaced by leaf-like lobes (sexual dimorphism??)

  2. Funnel
    1. Funnel locking-apparatus with a deep, broad pit anteriorly and an elongate pit posteriorly.
    2. Figure. Funnel/mantle locking-apparatus of N. portieri, holotype, left = anterior. Top - Frontal view of the funnel component. Bottom - Side-oblique view of the mantle component. Photographs by M. Vecchione.

      Figure. Oblique view of the funnel/mantle locking-apparatus of N. portieri, showing both components, holotype. Photograph by M. Vecchione.

  3. Mantle
    1. Dorsal mantle free from head.
    2. Ventral mantle shield extends anteriorly past base of arms.
    3. Anterior margin of shield without median indentation for funnel.
    4. Figure. Ventral (left) and dorsal views (right) of N. pourtalesii, holotype. Photographs by R. Young.

  4. Fins
    1. Extend anteriorly beyond the dorsal mantle margin but do not reach the mantle margin posteriorly.


The holotype (NMNH 729734) presumably is a male judging from the arm sucker modifications. The mantle has not been cut open to verify the sex.


Type locality: Off Barbados, Caribbean Sea, 13°14'18"N,50·41'12"W, 330 m.


Naef, A. 1921-1923. Die Cephalopoden. Fauna e Flora del Golfo di Napoli, Monographie 35, Vol I, Parts I and II, Systematik, pp 1-863.

Verrill, A. E. 1883. Supplementary report on the "Blake" cephalopods. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 11(5):105-115, 3 pls.

Title Illustrations
Scientific Name Nectoteuthis pourtalesi
Location Off Barbados
Specimen Condition Dead Specimen
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Collection NMNH 729734
Type Holotype
Copyright © Richard E. Young
Scientific Name Nectoteuthis pourtalesi
Reference Naef, A. 1921-1923. Die Cephalopoden. Fauna e Flora del Golfo di Napoli, Monographie 35, Vol I, Parts I and II, Systematik, pp 1-863.
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Nectoteuthis pourtalesi

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