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Promachoteuthis sp. C

Richard E. Young and Michael Vecchione
Containing group: Promachoteuthidae


Promachoteuthis sp. C is known from a single, small (25 mm ML, sex unknown) but distinctive individual from great depths in the south Atlantic Ocean.


A promachoteuthid...


  1. Arms
    1. Arm suckers much larger than club suckers.
    2. Suckers in three series on all arms.
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      Figure. Oral view of brachial crown of Promachoteuthis sp. C, holotype. Photograph by R. Young.

  2. Tentacles
    1. At base tentacle thick, about 2x diameter of arm III.
    2. Tentacle stalk with deep groove on aboral surface.
    3. Club suckers tiny (0.014 mm diam), in numerous irregular rows.
    4. Sucker-bearing club recessed at tapering, proximal end; surrounding lateral and aboral tissue with thick folds.
    5. Tentacles heavily pigmented at base but not forming a well-defined band.
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      Figure. Tentacular club of Promachoteuthis sp. C, holotype, preserved. Top - Oral view of the distal portion of the club, holotype. Bottom - Oral view of the proximal portion of the tentacular club. Photographs by R. Young.

  3. Head
    1. Head fused to mantle in nuchal region.
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      Figure. Side view of the head and anterior mantle of Promachoteuthis sp, C showing nuchal fusion. Photograph by R. Young.

  4. Fins
    1. Fins terminal with anterior and posterior lobes. Each fin approximately circular in outline.
    2.  image info

      Figure. Ventral and dorsal views of the fins of Promachoteuthis sp. C. Photograph.


More details of the description can be found here.

Clubs were slightly abraided so the number of suckers in a transverse series could not be determined. The largest number of those present was 12 suckers across. The specimen is an immature female. The mantle was cut open prior to fixation by a previous investigator. The label in the specimen jar states that the ML is 40 mm; the squid currently measures 25 mm ML.


Type locality: 36°49'S, 12°17'W off Tristan Da Cunha, south Atlantic Ocean. Captured from WALTHER HERWIG at 1750-2000 m depth (open net).

Title Illustrations
Scientific Name Promachoteuthis sp. C
Comments Holotype
Creator Keiko Hiratsuka Moore
Acknowledgements National Marine Fisheries Service
Specimen Condition Dead Specimen
View Dorsal and ventral
Size 25 mm ML
Copyright ©
Scientific Name Promachoteuthis sp. C
Comments Holotype
Specimen Condition Dead Specimen
View Ventrolateral
Copyright © 2003 Richard E. Young
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Promachoteuthis sp. C

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