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The genus Metaphidippus has been a polyphyletic collection of dendryphantine leftovers: they are the small to medium sized dendryphantines of North Amerca excluding the species that are bigger (e.g., Phidippus) or with more exotic body shapes or features (e.g., Hentzia). Thus, the genus has included a series of species groups: the harfordii group, the galathea group, the mylothrus group, the vitis group, and so on, which phylogenetically are pretty close to a random sample from scattered around the subfamily. Maddison (1996) has begun the dismantling of the genus by removing four groups to other described or new genera (the galathea group, the harfordii group, the mylothrus group, and the castaneus group).

The only species that is certainly a Metaphidippus is the type species, which is Costa Rican and known from a single specimen. It appears closely related to Messua and Bagheera.

Some of the disparate groups currently placed in Metaphidippus are shown in photographs.

For more information and links to the species, go to Metaphidippus in the Tree of Life.

References most relevant to species north of Mexico: Maddison (1996),Kaston (1973).

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