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Scientific Name Helicobacter sp. flexispira
Comments This scanning electron micrograph depicts a grouping of Gram-negative ”Flexispira rappini” bacteria, magnified 13,951x. Its name ”F. rappini” is considered provisional, for it was never formally proposed or accepted. Subsequently determined to be closely related to Helicobacter spp., it is referred to as Helicobacter sp. flexispira in the literature.
Creator Janice Carr
Acknowledgements CDC/ Dr. Patricia Fields, Dr. Collette Fitzgerald
Specimen Condition Dead Specimen
Source Collection Public Health Image Library (Centers for Disease Control)
Image Use This media file is in the Public Domain.
Attached to Group Helicobacter (epsilon Proteobacteria): view page image collection
Title cdc5715.jpg
Image Type Photograph
Image Content Specimen(s)
ID 30297
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