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Location Gulf of Mexico
Acknowledgements Video courtesy Operation Deep Scope: Seeing with "New Eyes"
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
Source Operation Deep Scope
Copyright © 2004 NOAA Ocean Explorer
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Creation Date 15-16 August 2004
Attached to Group Gadidae (Gadiformes): view page movie collection
Isopoda: view page movie collection
Chondrichthyes (Gnathostomata): view page movie collection
Title Giant isopods, fish, shark attacking bait
Description The Eye-In-The-Sea captured these video clips over a 24-hour period on the Gulf of Mexico sea floor. Scenes were often triggered by bioluminescent events, or the electrical bioluminescence of the artificial jellyfish. This video compiles several clips of giant isopods, and a rather large six-gill shark, attacking the fish-head bait. Scientists have estimated this shark to be over 12-ft long. For perspective, the end of the platform where the shark was feeding is about 15-in across. Images captured from Eye-In-The-Sea. The event was triggered by a bioluminescence (light) sensor that turned the camera on, capturing a few seconds of the deep-water predator before it swam away. This marks the first time a squid has ever been filmed by this unobtrusive observation tool. Initial studies identify the squid as a Mastigoteuthis, approximately six ft in length.
Movie Type Documentary
Movie Content Specimen(s)
ID 34423
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