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Location Arroyo Chico, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, USA
Life Cycle Stage larva
Size approximately 1 cm
Movie Use creative commons This media file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License - Version 3.0.
Copyright © 2008
Creation Date 1 September 2008
Attached to Group Diptera: view page movie collection
Title Blue fly larva on opuntia
Description A blue fly larva (a syrphid?) swiftly crawls up an opuntia cactus. After it looses its "footing" and falls to the ground, the larva resumes its ascent. You can see how the legless larva moves by performing wave-like contractions of its body. The hemolymph inside its cylindrical body acts as a hydrostatic skeleton, and its cuticle is equipped with raised pads and welts that are armed with tiny bristles which help it to hold on to the substrate. You can also make out the gut content of the transparent larva, its tiny mouthhooks, and the sclerotized tube at the terminal end carrying the posterior spiracles (openings that allow air to enter the larva's respiratory system).
Movie Type Documentary
Movie Content Specimen(s)
ID 34454
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