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Location Chaparrí Lodge, Chaparrí Private Conservation Area, Lambayeque, Peru
Comments A very attractive little dove, which we saw quite often during our trip. They are common in western Peru, up to about 2800m on west slope of Andes. Birds of Peru by Schulenberg et al. describe it's call as "a very undovelike series of flatulent notes" which describes it admirably - sounds a lot like a frog (a farting frog ...)
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
Source Croaking Ground-Dove (Columbina cruziana)
Source Collection Flickr
Image Use creative commons This media file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License - Version 2.0.
Copyright © 2009 David Cook Wildlife Photography
Attached to Group Columbina cruziana: view page image collection
Title Croaking Ground-Dove (Columbina cruziana)
Image Type Photograph
Image Content Specimen(s)
ID 40158
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