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Scientific Name Paussus (Flagellopaussus) favieri
Location Morocco, High Atlas Mountains, Oukaimeden, 31.23792N, 7.81724W, 2235m
Acknowledgements Emanuela Maurizi and Wendy Moore
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
Identified By Andrea Di Giulio
Life Cycle Stage 1st instar larva
Copyright © 2009
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Creation Date 13 May 2009
Attached to Group Paussus (Flagellopaussus) favieri (Paussus (Flagellopaussus)): view page movie collection
Title P. favieri newly hatched 1st instar larva
Description In this video a newly hatched larva takes it's first steps. Note that the terminal disk is closed. That is, the dorsal and lateral plates are stuck to the ventral plates. The larva will continue to move actively, twisting its head and thorax up, down and side to side for about one hour. After this period of hyperactivity, it remains still, stretching and inflating its body until the terminal disk is completely opened and sclerotized.
Movie Content Specimen(s)
ID 44075
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