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Comments Specimen in Dominican amber; (a) ventral view of head, (b) dorsal view of body (venation on right wing omitted); (c) ventral view of abdomen.
Reference Kathirithamby, J. and D. Grimaldi. 1993. Remarkable stasis in some Lower Tertiary parasitoids: descriptions, new records and review of Strepsiptera in the Oligo-Miocene amber of the Dominican Republic. Entomologica Scandinavica 24(1): 31-41.
Specimen Condition Fossil
Sex Male
Life Cycle Stage adult
Body Part head, abdomen
Type Holotype
Copyright © 1993 Entomology scandinavica
Image Use restricted
Attached to Group Bohartilla kinzelbachi (Bohartilla): view page image collection
Title Bohartilla_kinzelbachi.jpg
Image Type Drawing/Painting
Image Content Specimen(s), Body Parts
Voucher Number DR-10-6
Voucher Number Collection AMNH
ID 7701
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