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Squishy, the California Sea Cucumber

cucumber1 and cucumber2

In this PowerPoint presentation you will follow Purple-Urple the Star Fish as he guides you on a tour of the ocean and tells you about the family of his cousin, Squishy, the California sea cucumber!

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References are included on the 10th slide of the PowerPoint.

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Thanks to cucumber2 and Ms. Lisa Schwartz in Materials Editing for all their help!

Author: cucumber1 and cucumber2
Classroom Project: Cucumber
Havergal College
Toronto, Ontario Canada

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About This Portfolio
The ToL really appreciates the efforts of these teachers and students. Havergal College has produced some of the first treehouses created by students and we think they did a terrific job. Special thanks to Seonaid Davis, the coordinator of this project at her school, for becoming one of the first teachers to use the ToL's treehouse publishing system, and for inviting other teachers at her school to do so also. Nice work!

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Havergal College

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Havergal College

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