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Lisa Schwartz

I am the Learning Materials Editor and Coordinator for the Tree of Life Web Project. My work and interests focus on connecting scientists to k-12 learners and the general public by helping to create inquiry-based learning communities that are responsive to the needs and concerns of all members. As the ToL Learning Materials Editor I work with teachers, students, science enthusiasts, as well as science outreach organizations and scientists on the creation of Treehouses (learning materials). I also develop the system and interface for the treehouse building tools with our programmer, create learning materials, lessons and evaluation tools, and work to get more people involved in the program. Additionally, I collaborate with several Graduate Research Assistants and Interns who work with local schools and assist resource development.

As an educator, I have taught and worked with high school and elementary school students and teachers in diverse settings in Tucson, San Francisco, Ecuador and Israel. My teaching focus is on integrating science and technology with all areas of the curriculum. In the past I have concentrated on the use of school gardens and habitats to provide inquiry-based learning opportunities for students and combined such activities with the use of technology to discover, document, reflect upon, and share such projects.

I have a MA in Latin American Studies and Education from the University of Arizona (UA). I am currently a PhD student in the UA Department of Language Reading and Culture. For my MA thesis work, I examined student involvement in inquiry-based projects, and conducted research on the use of school gardens for science learning at several elementary school sites in Tucson and a few in Habana, Cuba. As I continue my studies I plan to focus on how online learning communities can promote real world opportunities for learning as well as for preserving and fostering biological and cultural diversity.

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