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Scientific Name Filoreta marina
Location Kartesh, White Sea, Russia
Reference This image was published in Protist 160, David Bass, Ema E.-Y. Chao, Sergey Nikolaev, Akinori Yabuki, Ken-ichiro Ishida, CÚdric Berney, Ursula Pakzad, Claudia Wylezich and Thomas Cavalier-Smith, Phylogeny of Novel Naked Filose and Reticulose Cercozoa: Granofilosea cl. n. and Proteomyxidea Revised, pp 75-109, Copyright Elsevier (2009).
Creator Photo: David Bass
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
Size cell bodies c. 5-50 um; plasmodia cms in extent
Collector Alexandre Mylnikov
Copyright © 2009 Elsevier
Image Use ToL use only
Attached to Group Filoreta marina (Cercozoa): view page image collection
Title filoretamarina1.jpg
Image Type Photograph
Image Content Specimen(s)
ID 36046
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