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Tree of Life Contributor Workshop

Here are some dummy users you can impersonate during the ToL Contributor workshop.

No. Contributor Name User ID Password Group Assignment
1 Zeke Testuser zeke@tolweb.org critterus1 Critterus
2 Greta Testuser greta@tolweb.org rumzum2 Rumzum
3 Alberto Testuser alberto@tolweb.org humbux3 Humbux
4 Antonia Testuser antonia@tolweb.org axoboxus4 Axoboxus
5 August Testuser august@tolweb.org igatta5 Igatta
6 Lily Testuser lily@tolweb.org oozimanus6 Oozimanus
7 Oliver Testuser oliver@tolweb.org pussifutus7 Pussifutus
8 Rosa Testuser rosa@tolweb.org twideldum8 Twideldum
9 Carla Testuser carla@tolweb.org orifixus9 Orifixus
10 Wendelin Testuser wendelin@tolweb.org luckydox10 Luckydox
11 Edmund Testuser edmund@tolweb.org auweia11 Auweia
12 Yuri Testuser yuri@tolweb.org simsalabum12 Simsalabum
13 Liesl Testuser liesl@tolweb.org apsolutus13 Apsolutus
14 Gustav Testuser gustav@tolweb.org pinkitoa14 Pinkitoa
15 Micky Testuser micky@tolweb.org allegorina15 Allegorina
16 Samson Testuser samson@tolweb.org suavina16 Suavina
17 Tito Testuser tito@tolweb.org exembroxus17 Exembroxus
18 Emilia Testuser emilia@tolweb.org acrobraxus18 Acrobraxus
19 Sophie Testuser sophie@tolweb.org circumscriptus19 Circumscriptus
20 Fernando Testuser fernando@tolweb.org bogus20 Bogus
21 Giovanni Testuser giovanni@tolweb.org creepix21 Creepix
22 Leonid Testuser leonid@tolweb.org slitherus22 Slitherus
23 Pablo Testuser pablo@tolweb.org slickiduda23 Slickiduda
24 Roberta Testuser roberta@tolweb.org tippitoa24 Tippitoa
25 Marla Testuser marla@tolweb.org slirpum25 Slirpum
26 Dario Testuser dario@tolweb.org kamikaza26 Kamikaza
27 Olga Testuser olga@tolweb.org obsoletus27 Obsoletus
28 Alma Testuser alma@tolweb.org omya28 Omya
29 Sally Testuser sally@tolweb.org parashutus29 Parashutus
30 Sascha Testuser sascha@tolweb.org umbrellala30 Umbrellala

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