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Jeff Skevington
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Containing group: Chalarinae


There are twenty-four valid species of Jassidophaga known. Taxonomy of the genus is confounded by synonyms and undescribed species. Recent changes to the classification by Kehlmaier (2006) have helped resolve some of the issues but a revision of the group is needed. Kehlmaier is currently working on the European fauna and Skevington is working on the Nearctic and Australian taxa.


The genus is easy to recognize by the complete wing venation (incomplete in Chalarus) and the absence of the wing vein M2 (present in Verrallia).

Discussion of Phylogenetic Relationships

Kehlmaier has discovered additional characters that may support the monophyly of the genus (in prep), but a detailed phylogenetic study of the Verrallia/Jassidophaga lineage is needed.


De Meyer, M. and P. Grootaert. 1991. Australasian species of the genus Jassidophaga Aczél (Pipunculidae, Diptera). Bulletin et Annales de la Société Royale belge d'Entomologie 127: 201-205.

Kehlmaier, C. 2006. The West-Palaearctic species of Jassidophaga Aczél and Verrallia Mik described up to 1966 (Diptera: Pipunculidae). Stuttgarter Beiträge zur Naturkunde 697: 1-34.

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Scientific Name Jassidophaga
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
Identified By Jeff Skevington
Sex Male
Life Cycle Stage adult
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