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Kerteszmyia ecuadora

Containing group: Pachygastrinae


Kerteszmyia ecuadora was described in 2008 from specimens collected in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Kerteszmyia has only been found at elevations between 100 and 220 meters. Most of the specimens were collected in malaise traps and a few were collected by fogging (Woodley 2008).


Kerteszmyia ecuadora can be distinguished from other Neotropical Pachygastrinae by the following characteristics: four scutellar spines, kidney-shaped, higher-than-long flagellum, and "subapical arista-like style that it inserted on the dorsal one-third of the flagellar complex" (Woodley 2008). The densely haired eyes, higher-than-long head, and wider-than-long abdomen are also unusual (Woodley 2008).


Woodley, N. E. 2008. Kerteszmyia, a new genus of Pachygastrinae from the Neotropical Region (Diptera: Stratiomyidae). Zootaxa 1746: 39-45.

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Kerteszmyia ecuadora

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