Medisores abditus

Ross T. Bell
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 Medisores abditus
Containing group: Rhysodini


This subtribe of Rhysodini contains one genus, Medisores Bell and Bell, with one species Medisores abditus Bell and Bell, at present known only from the type series of four specimens from Ntsubane, Transkei region, South Africa. They were found dead in wood of Cassiopourea gummiflua, var. verticellata, the Onionwood Tree.


Medisores abditus is 5.8-7 mm long. The head sculpture is unique: the median head lobe is separated from the temporal lobes by fine, shallow grooves. The median lobe is tapered evenly posteriorly. There is no trace of an occipital pit and the central cavity of the head is thus apparently absent. The orbital groove is deep and reaches the posterior margin of the temporal lobe. The minor setae of each outer antennal segment are arranged in a complete subapical ring (present on segments V-X). The eye is longer than wide and protuberant. The hind wing is vestigial.

Relationships of Medisorina to Other Rhysodines

Medisores is a very isolated genus. The extreme reduction of the head cavity and pits is probably secondary. The rings of subapical minor setae form a character shared with Dhysorina, Omoglymmiina, Rhysodina, and Sloanoglymmiina.

Other Names for Medisores abditus


Bell, R. T. and J. R. Bell. 1987. A new subtribe, genus and species of Rhysodini from South Africa (Coleoptera: Carabidae or Rhysodidae). Journal Of The Entomological Society Of Southern Africa 50(2): 287-290.

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 Medisores abditus
Scientific Name Medisores abditus
Location Ntsubane
Specimen Condition Dead Specimen
Type paratype
Collector G. A. Hepburn
Image Use creative commons This media file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License - Version 3.0.
Copyright © 2001 David R. Maddison
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Medisores abditus

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