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Notholaena jaliscana Yatsk. & ArbelŠez 2008

Jaliscan Yellow Cloakfern

Carl Rothfels
Containing group: Notholaena aureolina clade


Notholaena jaliscana, better known as Cheilanthes palmeri or Cheilanthes aurea var. palmeri, is a Mexican endemic, known only from the states of Jalisco and Nayarit. While it has not been included in any phylogenetic studies, its strong resemblance to Notholaena aureolina suggests a close relationship with that species, and it has recently been given a name in Notholaena (Yatskievych and Arbeláez, 2008).


Notholaena jaliscana has well-developed false indusia, dissected leaves, and bright (albeit spare) yellow farina, and is thus unlikely to be confused with any species other than N. aureolina (see the Notholaena aureolina page for ways of distinguishing the two species).

Discussion of Phylogenetic Relationships

Single-locus chloroplast data (Rothfels, unpublished) place this species as the strongly supported sister of Notholaena aureolina.

Other Names for Notholaena jaliscana Yatsk. & ArbelŠez 2008


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Notholaena jaliscana

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