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Panamamyia silbergliedi

Keith Bayless
Containing group: Stratiomyinae


Panamamyia silbergliedi is known from 3 specimens collected by N. Woodley on Barro Colorado Island (Panama) in 1978.


Woodley (2008) regards two characters as autapomorphic for Panamamyia; the antennal configuration, with the sixth flagellomere as wide or wider than the fifth flagellomere, and the shape of the abdomen, with "nearly straight, very gradually posteriorly tapering lateral margins." Panamamyia can be distinguished from Odontomyia by the more produced face, wider sixth antennal flagellomere, and more slender, sharply margined abdomen (Woodley 2008).


Woodley, N. E. 2008. Two new Stratiomyinae, including Panamamyia gen. nov., from the Neotropical Region (Diptera: Stratiomyidae). Zootaxa 1701:29-39.

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Panamamyia silbergliedi

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