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Pinus johannis

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Containing group: subsection Cembroides


The validity of this species is in question. For example, Farjon and Styles (1997) consider it a variety of P. cembroides (subspecies cembroides var. bicolor). On the other hand, it is considered a valid species by Price et al. (1998), and forms a separate lineage from P. cembroides in chloroplast DNA trees (Gernandt et al. 2003).


Farjon, A. and B. T. Styles. 1997. Pinus (Pinaceae). Flora Neotropica Monograph 75. The New York Botanical Garden, New York.

Gernandt, D. S., A. Liston, and D. Piñero. 2001. Variation in the nrDNA ITS of Pinus subsection Cembroides: implications for molecular systematic studies of pine species complexes. Molec. Phyl. Evol. 21: 449-467.

Gernandt, D. S., A. Liston and D. Piñero. 2003. Phylogenetics of Pinus subsections Cembroides and Nelsoniae inferred from cpDNA sequences. Syst. Bot. 28: 657-673.

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Scientific Name Pinus johannis
Location Concepción del Oro, Zacatecas, Mexico
Body Part ovulate cone
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Pinus johannis

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