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Plasmodia of uncertain phylogenetic placement

Martine Zilversmit and Susan Perkins
Containing group: Plasmodium

Host Relationships

  Taxon Name Host
1 Plasmodium achiotense Lizard
2 Plasmodium achromaticum Bat
3 Plasmodium acuminatum Lizard
4 Plasmodium aegyptensis Rodent
5 Plasmodium anasum Bird
6 Plasmodium anomaluri Lizard
7 Plasmodium attenuatum Lizard
8 Plasmodium audaciosum Lizard
9 Plasmodium aurulentum Lizard
10 Plasmodium balli Lizard
11 Plasmodium basilisci Lizard
12 Plasmodium beebei Lizard
13 Plasmodium beltrami Lizard
14 Plasmodium bertii Bird
15 Plasmodium bitis Lizard
16 Plasmodium booliati Rodent
17 Plasmodium brodeni Elephant Shrew
18 Plasmodium brucei Rodent
19 Plasmodium brumpti Lizard
20 Plasmodium bubalis Ungulate
21 Plasmodium bufoni Amphibian
22 Plasmodium caprea (nomen dubium) Ungulate
23 Plasmodium carinii Lizard
24 Plasmodium cathemerium Bird
25 Plasmodium causi Snake
26 Plasmodium cephalophi Ungulate
27 Plasmodium clelandi Lizard
28 Plasmodium cnemaspi Lizard
29 Plasmodium cnemidophori Lizard
30 Plasmodium colombiense Lizard
31 Plasmodium columbae Bird
32 Plasmodium coturnixae Bird
33 Plasmodium cyclopsi Bat
34 Plasmodium diminutivum Lizard
35 Plasmodium dissanaikei Bird
36 Plasmodium durae Bird
37 Plasmodium effusum Lizard
38 Plasmodium egerniae Lizard
39 Plasmodium eyelesi Primate
40 Plasmodium fallax Bird
41 Plasmodium fischeri Lizard
42 Plasmodium foleyiPrimate
43 Plasmodium formosanumBird
44 Plasmodium fragilePrimate
45 Plasmodium garnhamiBird
46 Plasmodium giganteumaustralisLizard
47 Plasmodium giovannolaiBird
48 Plasmodium girardiPrimate
49 Plasmodium gonatodiLizard
50 Plasmodium griffithsiBird
51 Plasmodium gundersiBird
52 Plasmodium guyanneseLizard
53 Plasmodium hegneriBird
54 Plasmodium heischiLizard
55 Plasmodium hermaniBird
56 Plasmodium herodiadisBird
57 Plasmodium hexameriumBird
58 Plasmodium holtiBird
59 Plasmodium huffiBird
60 Plasmodium iguanaeLizard
61 Plasmodium jefferyiPrimate
62 Plasmodium josephinaeLizard
63 Plasmodium juxtanucleareBird
64 Plasmodium kempiBird
65 Plasmodium lacertiliaeLizard
66 Plasmodium lagopiBird
67 Plasmodium lainsoniLizard
68 Plasmodium landauaeRodent
69 Plasmodium limnotragiUngulate
70 Plasmodium lionatumLizard
71 Plasmodium loveridgeiLizard
72 Plasmodium lutziBird
73 Plasmodium lygosomaeLizard
74 Plasmodium mabuiaeLizard
75 Plasmodium mackieiBat
76 Plasmodium maculilabreLizard
77 Plasmodium marginatumLizard
78 Plasmodium matutinumBird
79 Plasmodium melanoleucaSnake
80 Plasmodium minasenseLizard
81 Plasmodium modestumLizard
82 Plasmodium morulumLizard
83 Plasmodium multiformisLizard
84 Plasmodium narayaniCarnivore
85 Plasmodium neotropicalisBird
86 Plasmodium nucleophilumBird
87 Plasmodium octameriumBird
88 Plasmodium odocoileiUngulate
89 Plasmodium paranucleophilumBird
90 Plasmodium pediocettiBird
91 Plasmodium pessoaiLizard
92 Plasmodium pifanoiLizard
93 Plasmodium pinottiiBird
94 Plasmodium pitheciPrimate
95 Plasmodium pitmaniLizard
96 Plasmodium polareBird
97 Plasmodium pulmophilumRodent
98 Plasmodium pythoniasSnake
99 Plasmodium queleaBird
100 Plasmodium rhadinurumLizard
101 Plasmodium robinsoniLizard
102 Plasmodium rousselotiBird
103 Plasmodium rousettiBat
104 Plasmodium rouxiBird
105 Plasmodium sandoshamiPrimate
106 Plasmodium sasaiLizard
107 Plasmodium sceloporiLizard
108 Plasmodium schweitziGorilla
109 Plasmodium scorzaiLizard
110 Plasmodium silvaticumPrimate
111 Plasmodium simplexLizard
112 Plasmodium smirnoviTortus
113 Plasmodium stuthionisBird
114 Plasmodium subpraecoxBird
115 Plasmodium teijeraiBird
116 Plasmodium telfordiLizard
117 Plasmodium tenueBird
118 Plasmodium tomodoniLizard
119 Plasmodium torrealbaiLizard
120Plasmodium toucaniBird
121Plasmodium traguliUngulate
122Plasmodium tropiduriLizard
123 Plasmodium tyrioPangolin
124 Plasmodium uluguruenseLizard
125 Plasmodium uncinatumLizard
126 Plasmodium uranoscodoniLizard
127 Plasmodium utingensisLizard
128 Plasmodium vacuolatumLizard
129 Plasmodium vastatorLizard
130 Plasmodium vaughaniBird
131 Plasmodium vautieriLizard
132 Plasmodium venkataramiahiiBird
133 Plasmodium voltaicumBat
134 Plasmodium watteniRodent
135 Plasmodium wenyoniLizard
136 Plasmodium youngiLizard
137 Plasmodium zonuriaeSnake
138 Plasmodium saurocaudatumLizard
139 Plasmodium holaspi Lizard
140 Plasmodium siamense Lizard
141 Plasmodium brygooiLizard
142 Plasmodium cordyli Lizard
143 Plasmodium arachniformis Lizard
144 Plasmodium gologoloense Lizard
145 Plasmodium michikoa Lizard
146 Plasmodium tanzaniae Lizard
147 Plasmodium uzungwiense Lizard
148 Plasmodium pelaeziLizard
149 Plasmodium parajuxtanucleareBird
150 Plasmodium buckiPrimate
151 Plasmodium coulangesiPrimate
152 Plasmodium percygarnhami Primate
153 Plasmodium georgesi Primate
154 Plasmodium petersiPrimate
155 Plasmodium draconis Lizard
156 Plasmodium volans Lizard
157 Plasmodium neusticuri. Lizard
158 Plasmodium forresteriBird
159 Plasmodium circularisLizard
160 Plasmodium kentropyxiLizard
161 Plasmodium biguetiBird
162 Plasmodium parvulumBird
163 Plasmodium tribolonti Lizard
164 Plasmodium gracilisLizard


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