Plesiolycopteragroup is extinct

Plesiolycoptera daqingensisgroup is extinct

Guo-Qing Li and Mark V. H. Wilson
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Containing group: Hiodontiformes


†Plesiolycoptera (Zhang and Zhou, 1976) is named on the basis of two incomplete specimens in a drill core from the Daqing Oil-Field, northeastern China. Correlation of the rock layer yielding †Plesiolycoptera suggests an early Late Cretaceous age for the specimens (Zhang and Zhou, 1976). The poor preservation of the specimens means that conclusions about them must be tentative.


†Plesiolycoptera is characterized by:

  1. Frontal bone much longer in comparison with that in other genera of the Hiodontiformes.
  2. Premaxillary bone small.
  3. Head length to head depth ratio about 1.2.
  4. Vertebrae about 41-42.
  5. Principal dorsal-fin rays 11.
  6. Dorsal pterygiophores 11.
  7. Principal anal fin rays 20.
  8. Anal pterygiophores 22.

Other Names for Plesiolycoptera daqingensis


Li G.-Q. and Wilson, M. V. H. (in press): Early divergence of Hiodontiformes sensu stricto in East Asia and phylogeny of some Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous teleosts from China. In: ARRATIA, G. (ed.): Mesozoic Fishes - Systematics and the Fossil Records, pp. 000-000. Verlag Dr. Pfeil, München.

Zhang, M.-M. and Zhou, C.-C. 1976. Discovery of Plesiolycoptera in Songhuajiang-Liaoning Basin and origin of Osteoglossomorpha. Vert. PalAsiat., 14: 146-133. (In Chinese)

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Scientific Name Plesiolycoptera daqingensis
Comments Incomplete specimen; lower specimen is the holotype.
Specimen Condition Fossil
Size preanal length of about 30mm
Type Holotype
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Plesiolycoptera daqingensis

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