List of World Genera of Megaloptera

Atilano Contreras-Ramos

(Modified from New & Theischinger 1993)

Family Corydalidae

Subfamily Chauliodinae (fishflies)
1. Anachauliodes Kimmins (1 sp.).
Distribution: Vietnam.
2. Archichauliodes Weele (21 spp.).
Australia, New Zealand, Chile.
3. Chauliodes Latreille (2 spp.).
East and Central North America (including southern Canada).
4. Ctenochauliodes Weele (6 spp.).
China, Indochina.
5. Dysmicohermes Munroe (2 spp., one more undescribed).
Western United States and Canada, eastern Texas.
6. Madachauliodes Paulian (1 sp.).
7. Neochauliodes Weele (ca. 18 spp., 7 subspecies).
India and Sikkim to Korea, China, Borneo, Java.
8. Neohermes Banks (5 spp.).
United States and Canada.
9. Nigronia Banks (2 spp.).
Eastern and central United States, southeastern Canada.
10. Nothochauliodes Flint (1 sp.).
11. Orohermes Evans (1 sp.).
Western United States.
12. Parachauliodes Weele (ca. 6 spp.).
Vietnam to China, Korea to Japan.
13. Platychauliodes Esben-Petersen (ca. 6 spp.).
South Africa.
14. Protochauliodes Weele (14 spp., 3 subspecies).
Western North America, Chile, Australia.
15. Taeniochauliodes Esben-Petersen (1 sp.).
South Africa.
Subfamily Corydalinae (dobsonflies)
16. Acanthacorydalis Weele (ca. 7 spp.).
Oriental Region.
17. Chloronia Banks (14 spp.).
Neotropical Region (Northwestern and northeastern Mexico to southeastern Brazil).
18. Chloroniella Esben-Petersen (1 sp.).
South Africa.
19. Corydalus Latreille (30 spp., few more undescribed).
New World (southern Canada to northern Argentina and southeastern Brazil).
20. Neoneuromus Weele (ca. 8 spp.).
Northeastern India to Malay Peninsula and China.
21. Neurhermes Navás (ca. 8 spp.).
Northeastern India to Indonesia, China.
22. Neuromus Rambur (ca. 4 spp.).
Northeastern India to Indonesia.
23. Platyneuromus Weele (3 spp.).
Western and northeastern Mexico to Panama.
24. Protohermes Weele (ca. 42 spp.).
Northeastern India to Indonesia and China, Japan.

Family Sialidae (alderflies)

25. Austrosialis Tillyard (2 spp.).
26. Indosialis Lestage (1 sp.).
27. Leptosialis Esben-Petersen (1 sp.).
South Africa.
28. Nipponosialis Kuwayama (2 spp., 2 subspecies).
Russian Far East, Japan, Taiwan.
29. Sialis Latreille (ca. 60 spp., including Protosialis Weele).
Holarctic and Neotropical.
30. Stenosialis Tillyard (2 spp.).
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