Introduction to Learning with the ToL

Kathryn Orzech and Lisa Schwartz

As part of the deal, at the conference your team will need to do a presentation. The Tree of Life sent you a letter with a list of what you will need to present.

If you would like, you can download and print out a PDF copy of this page and the letter: document iconView Introduction to Learning with the Tree of Life WebQuest Task.

Dear Team,

We are delighted that you will join us as contributors to the ToL and as presenters at the annual Biodiversity Conference.

Below is a list of what you need to present at the conference. 

  • Most importantly you must present the Tree of Life pages you have contributed.
    • For each page that you present you need to:
      • explain what type of ToL contributor authored the page.
      • explain the page sections and any unique or interesting information that is presented.
      • explain who created the media files on that page
      • indicate the containing group of one of the organisms that the page is about.
    • For treehouse pages or notes pages that you present, you will also need to discuss the branch or leaf pages that they are attached to, and explain the typical components of a branch or leaf page.

  • You should also be able to discuss and present basic information about the Tree of Life Biology Project, including:
    • How you can browse the ToL to learn about biodiversity using the ToL website
    • How you can find information and media on a specific organism.
    • How teachers, learners and science enthusiasts can contribute pages to the ToL.
    • A quick demonstration of how to use the ToL Treehouse Editor.
    • What phylogeny is and how you can use the ToL to learn about Phylogeny.

We really look forward to seeing you in the Galapagos!


Lisa Schwartz, ToL Learning Materials Editor


Your team met to discuss the letter sent by the ToL and the Biodiversity conference.

You decide that to get ready for the conference the main tasks that must be accomplished are:

Move onto the Process section to begin your work!

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