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Lisa Schwartz, Kathryn Orzech, and Jeff Hartman
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  • Care of Living Materials in Eco-columns  Answers those questions: what do guppies and snails eat? What do crickets eat?
  • Plants in the Eco-Column  Student Resources: questions to get you thinking
  • Bottle Biology - TerrAqua Columns  The "Fill" page to decide what to put in; the "Observe" page to help on deciding what to observe
  • Food Webs 1  British site illustrates a pond food web
  • Food Webs 2  Simple "chain reaction" game illustrates basics of a food chain
  • Food Webs 3  Game with pond, meadow and arctic food webs
  • Food Web 4  Basic information on food chains and food webs
  • Terrariums  Fact sheet on terrariums
  • Aquariums  Information on freshwater aquariums, including a listing of fish by common name that gives information on each species (including diet and tempeature preference)

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This page was developed as part of the project "New Strategies for Life Sciences Outreach in Arizona: Developing a Digital Library of Audio and Video Features in the Context of the Tree of Life Web Project" funded by the “Anyplace Access for Arizonans” Initiative under the University of Arizona Technology and Research Initiative Fund.

Lisa Schwartz
University of Arizona

University of Arizona

Jeff Hartman
City High School

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