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Tree of Life Biographies

The Tree of Life Project encourages its visitors to learn about biodiversity and phylogeny, thus furthering a greater appreciation of the beauty and significance of the creatures around us. Our current understanding of organismal diversity has been compiled by thousands of scientists, spending their lives studying the characteristics and relationships of animals, plants, fungi, and microorganisms. Those scientists are a pretty diverse, colorful bunch of creatures themselves, and they are just as worthy of having their beauty and significance appreciated. This is why the Tree of Life Project is launching a new Tree of Life Biographies section, illustrating the many different backgrounds and motivations that can inspire a passion for the exploration of life's forms and features.

ToL biographies will tell the stories of biologists at any stage in their career, from child prodigies, through graduate students, to professors and curators; and of course, we will also feature the great biologist of the past. We will publish autobiographies as well as biographies written by others, and we will have biographies that are original ToL contributions as well as biographies made available by other projects.

ToL biography pages will be linked to the ToL branch and leaf pages of the organisms that have served as the major source of inspiration for the person profiled. Once we get the first ToL biographies online, this page will feature a biographies search tool, so you can look for people's biographies based on a number of different criteria, including a person's favorite organisms, their gender, current career stage, and national or cultural heritage.

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