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Lizard, Predator and Prey Species List

Lizard Species List

  1. Gila Monster - Heloderma susprctum
  2. Regal Horned Lizard - Phyrnosoma solare
  3. Sonoran Spotted Whiptail - Aspidoscelis sonorae
  4. Desert Spiny Lizard - Sceloporus magister
  5. Desert Iguana - Dipsosaurus dorsalis
  6. Ornate Tree Lizard - Urosaurus ornatus
  7. Common Side-blotched Lizard - Uta stansburiana
  8. Clark's Spiny Lizard - Sceloporus clarkii
  9. Zebra-tailed Lizard - Callisaurus draconoides
  10. Western Banded Gecko - Coleonyx variegatus
  11. Common Chuckwalla - Sauromalus ater

Predator List

  1. Coachwhip - Masticophis flagellum
  2. Roadrunner - Geoccyx californianus
  3. Human - Homo sapiens

Prey List

  1. Seed Harvester Ants - Pogonomyrmex spp.
  2. Cricket - Gryllis domesticus
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