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Bembidion Latreille 1802

David R. Maddison
Containing group: Bembidiina


This is a large genus of over 1000 described species. Most species are found in north temperate regions, although two smaller centers of diversity exist in the southern hemisphere (the Andes mountains of South America, as well as New Zealand).

Adults are common, small predators and scavengers along bodies of water, from rapidly flowing mountain streams to lowland ponds. Several species living in more xeric conditions, including deserts.


Some pictures of Bembidion structure are shown here.


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Title Illustrations
Scientific Name Bembidion levettei
Location Canada: British Columbia: Malakwa
Sex Male
Copyright © 2004 David R. Maddison
Scientific Name Bembidion texanum
Location USA: Illinois: Danville
Sex Male
Copyright © 2004 David R. Maddison
Scientific Name Bembidion dorsale
Location Canada: Alberta: Oldman River at Taber
Sex Male
Copyright © 2004 David R. Maddison
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