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Information for Parents of Treehouse Builders

The Tree of Life Project wants to provide a safe and fun place for children to learn, communicate, create, and publish about biodiversity. We encourage children of all ages to register as ToL contributors and to share their wisdom, insights, and ideas with ToL visitors from around the world. In order to protect kids' privacy, we do not generally publish any personal identifying information like full names or e-mail addresses for people under 18 years of age (see our Privacy Policy). Rather, children who register as ToL treehouse builders are asked to select a pseudonym upon registration (e.g., their first name only), and this pseudonym is then used to credit their work on the ToL website.

For many children, creating and publishing online materials will be more rewarding if they can reveal their full identity, potentially also providing some background information about themselves and a picture of what they look like. However, in order to make this possible, we have to make sure that kids whose identity is exposed in this way on the ToL website have a parent looking out for them and actively supervising their online activities. If your child would like to have their contributions credited to their real, full name, and if she or he wants to provide any additional, personal information, we need to have explicit, written consent from the child's parent or legal guardian.

Instructions on how to submit your consent are provided below. Once we receive your consent form, we will modify your child's accounts, so that the child will be able to submit the information specified in your parental consent instructions. If your child has not yet registered as a ToL Treehouse Contributor, she or he can let us know upon registration that a parental consent form has been submitted. We will then modify the child's account after verifying this information.

Revocation: You may, at any time, request to review personal information that we have collected regarding your child and/or revoke your consent and refuse to allow us to further use or collect your child's personal information and direct us to delete the information by contacting us via e-mail at at or via postal mail at:

The Tree of Life Project
c/o Lisa Schwartz
Forbes Building
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721

Note: if you ask us to delete a child's name and/or e-mail address from our internal records, we will have to remove all of this child's contributions from the ToL database. This policy is necessary to protect the liability of the ToL Project.

You can submit your consent to us in one of two ways:

1. Print out this page and fill out and sign the Parental Consent Form below (pdf version, not yet available).
  Fax it to:

The Tree of Life Project, c/o Lisa Schwartz
520-621-1150 (use USA country code if dialing from outside the United States)

  or mail it to: The Tree of Life Project
c/o Lisa Schwartz
Forbes Building
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721
2. Send us an e-mail message, digitally signed using the Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) mail standard.

Check your e-mail client software for digital signature instructions. Modify the Parental Consent Form below to fit your preferred instruction on what personal information about your child can be collected and published by the Tree of Life Project.

Parental Consent Form for Tree of Life Treehouse Contributors Under 18 Years of Age

I have read the preceding notice and the Tree of Life Project Privacy Policy, and by signing this form I consent to allow my child to be registered with the Tree of Life Project as a Treehouse Contributor. Furthermore, I authorize the Tree of Life Project to collect and publish the following personal information about my child:

  First Name and Surname
  Email Address
  Child's Age
  Web Page URL (e.g., your child's or family's personal home page)
  Biographical Information
(Treehouse builders can provide biographical information to introduce themselves to ToL visitors. This text is printed on the ToL Treehouse Contributors page.
(Treehouse builders can submit a photo of themselves, which may be displayed on the ToL Treehouse Contributors page as well as in the credit lines of ToL treehouses.)


Your Name:

Your Email address/phone number (used for clarification/verification purposes only):

Your Child's Name:

Your Child's Email address (must be the address used for ToL registration):