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Electroclusiodesgroup is extinct

Owen Lonsdale and Steve Marshall
Containing group: Clusiidae


Electroclusiodes Hennig is an extinct clusiodine genus known only from two species preserved in Baltic amber (Hennig 1965): Electroclusiodes meuneri (Hendel) and E. radiospinosa Hennig.

Electroclusiodes shares an unresolved basal position in the Clusiodinae with Allometopon (Lonsdale & Marshall 2006).


Electroclusiodes is the only clusiid genus with four pairs of reclinate fronto-orbital bristles and a dorsal preapical bristle on the mid tibia. The genus can be further characterized by a pubescent arista, interfrontal bristles, well developed ocellar and postvertical bristles, two pairs of dorsocentrals, and one pair of well developed prescutellar acrostichal bristles.


Hennig, W. 1965. Die Acalyptratae des baltischen Bernsteins und ihre Bedeutung für die Erforschung der phylogenetischen Entwicklung dieser Dipteren-Gruppe. Stuttgarter Beiträge zur Naturkunde 145: 1-215.

Lonsdale, O. & Marshall, S.A. 2006. Redefinition of the Clusiinae and Clusiodinae, description of the new subfamily Sobarocephalinae, revision of the genus Chaetoclusia and a description of Procerosoma gen. n. (Diptera: Clusiidae). European Journal of Entomology, 103: 163-182.

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