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Notholaena sulphurea (Cav.) J. Sm. 1854

Southern Desert Star Cloakfern

Carl Rothfels
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Containing group: core Notholaena


Notholaena sulphurea is by far the most geographically widespread notholaenid species, ranging across much of Mexico, through Central America, south to Colombia, Peru, and Chile. Within that range, however, populations tend to be scarce and widely separated. It is quite possibly a complex of different evolutionary entities; the one known chromosome count, from Tamaulipas, showed that population to comprise sexual diploids (Windham and Yatskievych, 2003), but chromosome numbers elsewhere are unknown, and no phylogenetic study has evaluated the validity of the species as a whole. While quite conservative in most morphological characteristics across its range, this species does show a great variation in farina color and composition (Wollenweber, 1984; Wollenweber et al., 2001). Within Mexico alone, N. sulphurea occurs as white, pale yellow, and deep yellow farina color morphs (Mickel and Smith, 2004), and these morphs largely correspond to particular geographic ranges.


Notholaena sulphurea very closely resembles N. standleyi, and thus it was a great surprise when plastid DNA data showed that these two taxa are not closely related (Rothfels et al., 2008). From N. standleyi, N. sulphurea differs in its leaf division: the terminal lobe of N. sulphurea leaves is on its own distinct stalk, whereas all lobes in N. standleyi are connected by a thin strip of green tissue (albeit sometimes a very thin strip).

Other Names for Notholaena sulphurea (Cav.) J. Sm. 1854


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Scientific Name Notholaena sulphurea
Location Mexico, Tamaulipas. ~10km NE of Mier y Noriega
Acknowledgements Specimen scanned and reproduced with permission from the University of Utah Herbarium.
Specimen Condition Dead Specimen
Collection Herbarium specimen
Collector Windham et al. 488
Image Use creative commons This media file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License - Version 3.0.
Copyright © 2008 University of Utah Herbarium
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Notholaena sulphurea

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