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Marine Discovery Pre and Post Field Trip Activity Suggestions

Marine Discovery University of Arizona

Suggestions for:

Suggestions for pre-field trip activities:

Assist students in activating and gaining prior knowledge of marine organisms:

Suggestions for after you go on the field trip:

Assist students in reviewing and evaluating their knowledge and ideas:

Web research on marine organisms

Students can do further research on the organisms shown in the Marine Discovery slide show. Each student, or small groups of students can become and "expert biologists" and briefly present information to the class. You can also extend the activity into a more involved oral report where students must display a poster or model. Refer to the Slide Show Overview for a list of organisms and links to ToL pages.

Questions to guide research:

Learning Information

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Collection: Marine Discovery at the University of Arizona

Marine Discovery is a public outreach program that involves college, elementary and middle school students in an inquiry based and hands-on learning experience. During lab station activities, students have the opportunity to work with live marine animals and teaching specimens. Students are exposed to living and preserved organisms found in the Gulf of California and gain a general understanding of the scientific relationships between them. Student knowledge and interest in ocean life is enriched, and younger students have the opportunity to interact with other, more expert learners.

The Marine Discovery Program is offered through the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona, with funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Undergraduate students teach third through eighth grade students about the Gulf of California and the ocean in general during a field trip to the UA campus. Visit the Marine Discovery website to see a schedule and find out about bringing your class to the Marine Discovery field trip.

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Marine Discovery University of Arizona
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, at the University of Arizona

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