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Engaeus affinis Smith and Schuster 1913

Keith A. Crandall
Containing group: Engaeus


Syntypes, Museum of Victoria, Melbourne J3846 (female), J3849 (female), J3851 (female), J3853 (3 female, 1 juv. female (damaged)), J4057 (male, female). Possible syntypes, Museum of Victoria, Melbourne J3845 (female), 4066 and 4088 both contain a specimen labelled "Victoria" and therefore one of them (but not both) is the syntype.

Type Locality



The range of E. affinis appears to border abruptly with the ranges of E. cymus near Lake Eildon, with E. tuberculatus near Hoddles Creek and with E. victoriensis between Lilydale and Healesville.


E. affinis has been found in type 2 burrows (for instance, burrows in the flood-plains of the Acheron or Yarra Rivers) and in type 3 burrows (for instance in yellow-orange clay-dominanted hillsides in the Kinglake region). Burrows of the former category tend to be without large chambers and multiple juvenile openings, but have conical chimneys and large tunnels descending to a level between approximately 0.5 and 1 m where the burrows have a horizontal component, before descending with one tunnel to a low (summer) level. Type 3 burrows of this species correspond to those of other species in Victoria, with fan-shaped chimneys around many juvenile openings; the openings converge to form three or four tunnels which descend obliquely to a large chamber; the chambers can be huge, often up to 0.5 m in diameter.


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Smith, G. W. and W. H. J. Schuster. 1913. The genus Engaeus, or the land crayfishes of Australia. Proceedings of the Zoological Society (London) 1913, 112-127.

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