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Engaeus sternalis Clark 1936

Warragul Burrowing Crayfish

Keith A. Crandall
Containing group: Engaeus


Lectotype, Museum of Victoria, Melbourne J900 (intersexed). (Other types apparently lost; see Lew Ton & Poore 1987).

Type Locality



This species is only known from one location near Warragul. As such it can be considered as either very rare or very cryptic, since the area surrounding Warragul has been extensively searched.


The burrow structure is briefly described in Horwitz & Richardson (1986). E. sternalis digs complex, narrow winding tunnels down to the water-table. The soils in the area are variable with local patches of sand at one extreme, to patches of clay-dominated soil at the other. E. sternalis was always found in the latter. This species appears to be somewhat cryptic in its occurence at Labertouche since the openings to the burrows were not highlighted by the presence of extrued soil or chimneys. It was found that the easiest way to collect this species was to remove a section of the bank of the creek to expose the clay-dominated soils beneath and, hopefully, the network of tunnels.

Conservation Status

Category: EN (Endangered)
Criteria: B1+2c
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