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Enoploteuthis anapsis Roper 1964

Kotaro Tsuchiya
Containing group: Enoploteuthis


Enoploteuthis anapsis, a relatively small species for the genus, attains 70mm DML. This species is widely distributed in the tropical to warm temperate Atlantic. This is the only species in the genus that is restricted to the Atlantic Ocean.


  1. Tentacle
    1. Tentacle long, with distinct club.
    2. Carpal cluster oval.
    3. Two rows of different-sized hooks on manus.
    4. Four rows of suckers on dactylus.
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  2. Hectocotylus
    1. Hectocotylus with two flaps; large truncate proximal flap and short semicircular distal one.
    2. Modified portion with armature.
    3. Distal suckers lost in fully mature male.
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  3. Integumental Photophores
    1. Ventral mantle with six longitudinal stripes of integumental organs anteriorly; stripes diffuse posteriorly.
    2. Ventral head with two ring-like patterns of integumental photophores.
    3. Ventral side of arm III with a series of organs to the middle of arm length along the base of aboral keel.


Vertical distribution

Specimens between 15-79mm DML were collected at 0-130m at night (Roper, 1966).

Geographical distribution

This species is the only species in the genus that is endemic species to the Atlantic. It is widely distributed the tropical to warm temperate waters between 40° N - 40° S (Roper, 1966).


Roper, C.F.E., 1964. Enoploteuthis anapsis, a new species of enoploteuthid squid (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida) from the Atlantic Ocean. Bulletin of Marine Science of Gulf and Caribbean, 14:140-148.

Roper, C.F.E., 1966. A study of the genus Enoploteuthis (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida) in the Atlantic Ocean with a description of the type species, E. leptura (Leach, 1817). Dana Report, 66:1-46.

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Enoploteuthis anapsis, from , by Roper, 1964, size, male.

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Enoploteuthis anapsis

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