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Enoploteuthis reticulata Rancurel 1970

Kotaro Tsuchiya
Containing group: Enoploteuthis


Enoploteuthis reticulata, a large species for the family, attains 130mm DML. It was first described from the stomach of a lancetfish in the Indonesian waters, and is broadly distributed in the Indo-West Pacific. The unique photophore arrangement on the ventral mantle is characteristic.


  1. Tentacle
    1. Tentacle short, narrow.
    2. Carpal cluster elongate.
    3. Two rows of subequal-sized hooks on manus.
    4. Two rows of suckers on dactylus.
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  2. Hectocotylus
    1. Hectocotylus with large truncate membranous flap on ventral edge.
    2. Modified portion with armature.
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  3. Integumental Photophores
    1. Ventral mantle with six longitudinal stripes of integumental organs, that are connected with oblique stripes to form latter-like pattern.
    2. Ventral head with four longitudinal stripes of integumental organs which connected in each side forming ring-like.
    3. Ventral side of arm III with a row of organs along almost entire length.

Life history


Spawned eggs are ovoid, 1.08 x 0.78 mm, colorless, slightly opaque with a slightly dull, silvery chorion.


Paralarva of present species is characterized by:
  1. Tentacular club not unusually short, and lacking very large suckers.
  2. Numerous chromatophores covering mantle and head.

(Young and Harman, 1985)


E. reticulata is common item in the stomachs of lancetfish, Alepisaurus ferox, and bigeye tuna, Thunnus obesus, in the Indo-Pacific (Okutani and Tsukada, 1981; Moteki et al, 199*).


Vertical distribution

Paralarvae were captured in the upper 200m (Young and Harman, 1985).

Geographical distribution

This species was first described from New Guinean waters. It is distributed widely in the tropical Indo-Pacific.
Title Illustrations

Enoploteuthis reticulata, from tropical East Pacific, from Okutani (1974), size, female.

Other illustrations

Copyright © 1974 T. Okutani
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Enoploteuthis reticulata

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