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Art and Culture Treehouses

The Sea Star Song
A song about sea stars written by secondary school students at Havergal College in Ontario, Canada.
How to Make a Black Widow Spider Mobile
An exercise meant to serve as a tool to help students learn about the Black Widow Spider. The activity provides information so students will have a basic understanding about where the Black Widow lives, what it eats, and how it interacts with other spiders. This craft is not only educational but fun to make as well!

Suggestions for Treehouse Building Art and Culture Activities

Some examples of art and culture contributions we welcome are:

Visit Treehouse Building Steps for guidance on how to build your treehouse.

Multimedia Gallery

We are always looking for good quality images of organisms. You may already have photos or drawings of organisms that you have studied in your classroom, backyard, schoolyard or field study site. You may also have audio of organisms (like bird calls), movies of organisms you have made when you studied them, reports, stories about experiences you have had studying organisms...and more.

If your work is not in digital form and you need help creating digital images and other media check out the Multimedia Reference.

Songs and Poems for Treehouses

We are looking for songs about your favorite organisms (be they frogs, spiders, monkeys, dandelions... whatever you like!) Please send in original song lyrics and poems (ones that you have created yourself), and if you can, original digital audio of you or your class singing the song or reciting the poem. Please see the Multimedia Reference for help.

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