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Building for Classrooms

What Teachers and Students Can Do with Treehouse Building

Classroom Project Portfolios

City High School Ecobottle Investigations

© 2005 Kathryn Orzech
City High School 9th graders in Tucson, Arizona built ecobottles to explore ecosystems on a small scale.
Havergal College Student Treehouses

© Ostrich1
Grade 11 Biology students at Havergal College, a secondary school for girls in Ontario, Canada, created investigation, story, art and culture, and game treehouses on organisms such as watermelon snow, black mambas, pacific treefrogs and more!

Teacher Resource Treehouses

Marine Discovery: Exploring Marine Life
© Marine Discovery
Watch a slide show of marine life in México and movies of students in the lab. Includes a teacher's guide. Aligned with AZ Standards.
The Life as a Lizard Unit Treehouse

© A. T. Holycross
An overview of lizard biology culminating in the "Life as a Lizard" role playing game. Contains lessons with science standards, glossary words, information, internet and multimedia resources, and more!
Making 3-D Models of the Tree of Life
© 2005 Eric Lee
Create 3-D models of the Tree of Life to learn about the genetic connections between Life on Earth. Make models with common materials, use templates for "leaves" and get examples of trees to build.

Join Tree of Life contributors from around the globe to create an open access digital library about biodiversity and the evolutionary history of organisms. Treehouse builders are learners, teachers, scientists and science enthusiasts who contribute treehouses (web pages and media about organisms) to the ToL.

Build Teacher Resource Treehouses for Learners

Classroom Projects: Invite Your Students to Build Treehouses

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