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Fun and Games Treehouses

Beetle Treehouse
This treehouse isn't finished yet, but it will give you an hint about what one style of treehouse might be like.
The Sonoran Desert Endangered Species Card Game
The Sonoran Desert Endangered Species Card Game teaches about the habitat, range and status of nine Sonoran Desert Endangered Species. This treehouse features materials from the Sonoran Desert Kids club, a ToL partner project.
The Life as a Lizard Unit and Role Playing Game
Created by Arizona Partners in Reptile and Amphibian Conservation. The unit provides an overview of lizard biology culminating in the "Life as a Lizard" role playing game. The game allows students to move around indoors or outdoors to learn about lizards and their behavior. The unit contains step by step lessons with national science education standards, glossary words, background information, internet and multimedia resources, trivia activities, and more! This game is also a teacher resource.

Suggestions for Fun and Games Treehouses

Let's play! Some examples of games about organisms to contribute are:

We plan on putting together an interactive treasure hunt on our site that will give you some ideas. We also plan to have some on-line ways for you to create games and puzzles. Let us know what you might like or create a game for us to put up on a treehouse!

Visit Treehouse Building Steps for guidance on how to build your treehouse.

Unbelievable Truths

There are many amazing and perplexing facts about the earth's organisms. Share some with us!

A Treehouse Building Party

Get together and share your ideas and resources while celebrating your favorite organism. Then tell us about it!

A Board Game or Card Game

Create a board game or card game about an organism that you are studying. Model it after a game you know or create an entirely new one!

A Role Playing Game or Puppet Theater

Investigate the behavior, characteristics and habitat of a group of organisms and create a game where players pretend that they are the organisms. Players could also create puppets to use for acting out the lives of the living things they are studying. This type of treehouse might be cross-listed with treehouse art and culture.

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