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ToL Design Standards

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This page expands upon the guidelines listed in Treehouse Page Design and Content and assists with the little details of formatting text and media.

Using Text Styles, Headings and Tables

Some standard text elements that we use on Tol pages are:

Using Color and Text Styles in Meaningful and Appropriate Ways

We encourage you stick with the standard ToL page design elements unless you are specifically using color, size and style to communicate a message. For example if you are writing a sentence where you want to emphasize that pandas are a seriously endangered species you could make bold the phrase seriously endangered: Pandas are a seriously endangered species. However, if you overdo the use of making some words bold to make them standout, your page will become confusing and the significance of the words in bold will lose meaning.

Consistency is often the key to using elements such as color that can otherwise overwhelm your content. Before applying a style or color to your page ask yourself these questions:

Creating an Treehouse
Good design choice for the ToL Poor design choice for the ToL
Using headings for each section of the treehouse. View example: A Year of Life in Joshua Tree National Park Making each section of the report a different color. View example: A Year of Life in Joshua Tree National Park

Using Headings for Page Sections

Headings are for formatting text that functions as the title of a section of your page. There are four heading styles that you can choose from when you create your page. View our default styles below.

Default heading styles

Using Tables

Please use tables to format tabular information, such as comparison charts or data collection tables. View examples of pages that use tables for formatting data below:

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