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Attaching Your Work to a Branch or Leaf of the Tree of Life

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In most cases, in order for your treehouse to be published on the ToL it must be attached to a group of organism(s) on the Tree of Life that has a ToL branch or leaf page. Likewise, in order for you to use a media file (image, movie or sound) in your treehouse, you will need to upload it to the ToL database and attach it to a group of organisms. The links on this page will help you understand why you need to attach your work and how to do it.

Treehouse Pages are attached To ToL Branch and Leaf Pages

Treehouses must be linked to branch and leaf pages, which provide the structural backbone for the ToL project, in order for them to be accessible to visitors to the Tree of Life.

attaching your work to a branch of leaf page on the Tree of Life

Building Treehouses

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